Read the adaptive immune system

Immune repertoire mapping at cellular resolution and high definition.

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TCR sequence up to 1 million T cells per clinical sample.

Obtain ultra-deep and single-cell resolved T cell repertoire profiles with advanced cell capture and indexing strategies.

With 500 million years of evolution, the immune system is the best tool when it comes to detecting and fighting against disease. By extracting information contained within immune cells, you obtain a more holistic and complete view of the patient’s status.

We each have ≈109 unique T cells which represents an incredible diversity.

TCR sequencing at scale & precision is required to not miss out on specific T cell(s), and to utilize our immune system as a diagnostic sensor and therapeutic.

T cell diversity explained by Omniscope

Analyze up to 1 million T Cell Receptors (TCRs) from one clinical sample mapping personal immunity at depth and breadth.

Sequence full VDJ gene segments responsible for diversity and obtain sequences of paired alpha-beta chains.

Count, detect, and characterise clonotypes.

Track disease response longitudinally.

TCR sequencing with full VDJ gene segments / alpha-beta chains
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TCR sequencing at scale and depth.

High Resolution
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With full VDJ sequences as well as Alpha / Beta pairing you obtain a full view of the immune response and correlate disease-specific epitopes to characterized diseases.
Map individual TCRs to detect disease-specific signatures from a single sample.
Accurate + Precise
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Being accurate and precise means that you can identify prognostic and therapeutic cells to design companion diagnostics and develop cell therapies.
Select specific T cells with high accuracy and precision.
Less invasive
OS-T enables a less invasive way to detect diseases, inform treatment efficacy, and monitor immune system response to therapy.
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Capture depth and breadth of personal immunity from one clinical sample.

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Identify biomarkers with intuitive data analysis.

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Design novel cellular therapeutics to intercept diseases.