We read your immune system to intercept diseases.

The best diagnostic tool is made with 500 million years of evolution and Omniscope makes it visible.

The future of diagnostics is here.

See what your immune system is seeing.

One universal diagnostic tool.


We are on a bold mission to change the face of medicine by redesigning how we detect and monitor diseases.


We use the human body as a tool, instead of reinventing the wheel. 
By turning to Nature for inspiration, engaging the help of the powerful defense mechanism developed over millennia to detect diseases.

Your immune system.

Our technology tunes in to the earliest signals of your immune system to detect that something’s wrong even before you show symptoms. Early detection saves lives and lets you intercept diseases before they do much harm.

We are living longer than ever before. Don’t you want those years to be healthy ones?

Our Technology

Our universal diagnostic provides a holistic, high-definition view of your immune system, analyzing how it responds to diseases broadly and offering a breadth and depth of understanding previously impossible. This lets you make medical decisions more confidently and expediently, saving time, money, and most importantly, lives.

Analyzing the Big Data of your immune cells can be complex, time-consuming, expensive, and even inaccurate. And it’s often uncomfortable for the patient. Omniscope streamlines disease detection and diagnosis through a highly integrative, systematic approach built on cutting-edge genomics and artificial intelligence.

Precision medicine. Personalized just for you. Accessible to all.

High Definition

Accurate + Precise



"We are humanizing science. We are driven to shorten the timeline from research to real-world, human impact. Our motivation is to put science in service of humanity."

Omniscope is applying cutting-edge science as a force for good to build a world where all people live healthier.

We are redesigning diagnostic medicine to detect diseases earlier, more broadly, and with unprecedented sensitivity and accessibility. We bring together bright minds from multiple disciplines, including genomics, artificial intelligence, and public health, to develop a deeply nanoscopic yet holistic perspective of your body.

Our collaborative, compassionate, and catalytic ecosystem will move healthcare forward with accessible, affordable, and useful tools for the big challenges of the future.

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