Analyze the adaptive immune system

Immune repertoire insights at the ease of your desktop.

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From data to clinical insights.

Access cellular resolution resolved data sets spanning multiple disease areas and therapeutic scenarios with OS-IP’s growing Disease Library.

Download formatted raw data files (.csv)

Leverage interactive analysis reports to extract clinical information, customized to accelerate therapy development and optimise clinical trials.

Search clonotype sequences and epitope annotation across databases.

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Omniscope Immune Portal

Extensive database
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Disease AI/ML models enables acceleration of drug development, prediction of outcomes, and design of therapeutic cells.
More data results in better AI/ML disease models.
Interpretative AI
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Leading to novel diagnostics.

Other platforms

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Quantity. Quality.

Map complete T cell response:
Up to 1 million T cells per clinical sample.

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Improve therapy.

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Custom. Unique.

Generative AI platform:
Design novel cellular therapeutics to intercept diseases.