Generate adaptive immune cells

Immune repertoire design, leading to novel cellular therapeutics, customized and unique to your disease.

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Generative AI platform for cellular therapeutics.

Our adaptive immune cells have been perfected over 500 million years and are the ideal therapeutic.

Combining AI with high throughput assays to accelerate and revolutionize discovery, Omniscope is decoding our immune system to enable next therapies.

Leverage unparalleled depth and quality of T cell sequencing to train generative AI models and decipher the adaptive immune code.

Coupled with in vitro validation, OS Intercept prioritizes and refines cellular therapeutic candidates through an iterative design-build-test-learn cycle.

Data to train

Deep T cell repertoire sequencing with OS-T, paired with scalable in vitro models to enable deep reinforcement learning.

AI to create

Generative AI platform to design novel cellular therapeutics.

Wet lab to validate

Automated target confirmation to validate AI generated designs.

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Omniscope Intercept Platform

How to apply OS-IT?
Extensive data input
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Disease AI/ML models enables acceleration of drug development, prediction of outcomes, and design of therapeutic cells.
More data results in better AI/ML disease models.
Generative AI
Designing cellular therapeutics.

Other OS-platforms

Designing novel therapeutics requires extensive data and useful insights.

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Quantity. Quality.

Map complete T cell response:
Up to 1 million T cells per clinical sample

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Improve therapy.

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Accessible. Actionable.

Browsable immune portal:
Identify biomarkers with intuitive data analysis.