Watch Omniscope in action.

Concordance Brain Metastasis study by Dr. Joan Seoane

In this study, Dr. Joan Seoane evaluated the possibility to use blood as a less invasive medium to characterize and track tumor-reactive T cells by using Omniscope's T cell sequencing platform, OS-T.

Presenting Omniscope at South Summit Madrid

CEO Vijay Vaswani presents Omniscope during the Startup Competition of South Summit Madrid.

Longitudinal COVID-19 case study by Dr. Christian Brander

In this study, Dr. Christian Brander demonstrates Omniscope OS-T platform's capacity to identify and track clonotypes of interest and measure disease and immunity signatures.

AIRR Community Meeting 6: T cell receptor (TCR) sequencing at scale

At the AIRR community meeting 6, Dr. Holger Heyn, co-founder Omniscope, presents our proprietary T cell (TCR) sequencing OS-T, reading up to 1 million T cells per sample

Startup Festival: Diagnostic Tools in Today's Healthcare Environment

Startup Festival: Diagnostic Tools in Today's Healthcare Environment, featuring Dr. Holger Heyn and Lynnette Ang, co-founders of Omniscope.