Watch Omniscope in action.

Omniscope showcase at Google Cloud Summit 2024

Omniscope is a partner of Google Cloud and to celebrate our collaboration, Omniscope was featured during the main keynote 'AI for good' at Google Cloud Summit Madrid 2024.

Omniscope joins BAXERNA consortium

Within the BAXERNA project, Omniscope quantifies the impact of M. tuberculosis mRNA vaccines on the immune system to elucidate their efficacy, aid in vaccine candidate prioritization, and validate patient response during Phase I clinical trial.

Presenting Omniscope at South Summit Madrid

CEO Vijay Vaswani presents Omniscope during the Startup Competition of South Summit Madrid.

Longitudinal COVID-19 case study by Dr. Christian Brander

In this study, Dr. Christian Brander demonstrates Omniscope OS-T platform's capacity to identify and track clonotypes of interest and measure disease and immunity signatures.

AIRR Community Meeting 6: T cell receptor (TCR) sequencing at scale

At the AIRR community meeting 6, Dr. Holger Heyn, co-founder Omniscope, presents our proprietary T cell (TCR) sequencing OS-T, reading up to 1 million T cells per sample

Startup Festival: Diagnostic Tools in Today's Healthcare Environment

Startup Festival: Diagnostic Tools in Today's Healthcare Environment, featuring Dr. Holger Heyn and Lynnette Ang, co-founders of Omniscope.