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Immune repertoire
profiling to identify and predict (non)responders to immunotherapies.

Experience the power of single-molecule resolution for deep, quantitative, and cost-efficient profiling of T and B cell repertoires.

Investigate differences in the immune repertoires of responders and non-responders.

Repertoire dynamics

Discover broader spectrum of expansion profiles clones, and their dynamics, across therapy administration.

Clonotypes tracking

Identify and track clonotypes indicative of response to immunotherapy, pre and post-treatment, and longitudinally.

Quantify strength of response

Measure expansion profile dynamics of clonotypes of responding and non-responding patients to quantify and investigate response strength.

Decode the adaptive immune system with our platforms
identify responders/non-responders to therapy.

OS-TCR provides exceptional precision and depth to screen for T cell receptor dynamics. Designed for cost-efficiency, it is ideal for comparing therapy signatures, especially in large cohort studies.


TCR sequencing at molecular resolution

OS-BCR provides exceptional precision and depth for to screen antibody dynamics. Designed for cost-efficiency, it is ideal for biomarker tracking, especially in large cohort studies.


BCR sequencing at molecular resolution

Our Immune portal gives access to your patients’ interactive datasets. Accelerate therapy development and optimize clinical trials by: querying clonotypes identified in responders, comparing response across patients, and customizing treatment cohorts.


Omnisope Immune Portal

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Start seeing what our immune system is seeing to identify and predict responders/non-responders to immunotherapies.