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Immune repertoire
profiling for your
therapeutic breakthrough.

Experience the power of single-cellular resolution for deep, quantitative, and qualitative profiling of T and B cell repertoires.

Accelerate your therapy development by identifying and testing (in silico & in vitro) novel candidates for advanced cell therapy. 

Uncover novel targets

Leverage the power of single-cellular resolution to identify receptor candidates for advanced cell therapy and accelerate your therapeutic development.

Alpha/Beta and Heavy/Light chain pairing

Obtain full-length VDJ & Alpha / Beta, heavy/light chain pairing to enable novel therapeutic candidates.

In silico drug design

Leverage our GenAI capabilities to develop your therapeutic pipeline. Explore our immune databank to design your therapy.

Decode the adaptive immune system with our platforms
identify therapeutic cells.

OS-T captures T cell repertoires at single-cell resolution for up to 1 million T cells per sample and provides the full VDJ sequence and alpha/beta receptor pairing. Ideal for deeply exploring T cell repertoires for therapeutic development.


TCR sequencing at cellular resolution

OS-B captures B cell repertoires at single-cell resolution and provides the full VDJ sequence, hypermutation profiles, and heavy/light chain pairing. Ideal for informing therapeutic antibody designs.


BCR sequencing at cellular resolution

Accelerate cellular therapy discovery with our Generative AI platform. Built on our comprehensive Immune Databank, OS-IT is capable of generating novel therapeutic candidates, testing them in silico, and enabling alteration of protein motifs.


Omnisope Intercept (GenAI)

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Omniscope welcomes collaborations with innovators in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases.

Start seeing what our immune system is seeing for your therapeutic breakthrough.