Omniscope, the Next Frontier in Translational Medicine
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Omniscope, the Next Frontier in Translational Medicine

Holger Heyn

May 12, 2021

I have watched with great attention as increased interest in genetics has catapulted the recent development of innovative technologies. However, we are still far away from fully realizing the potential of these tools to deliver on the promise of translational medicine that meaningfully impacts human thriving. That is, until now.

I have always been deeply interested in genetics. It wasn’t just about learning to decipher the genetic code to understand drivers of evolution and what makes us different from each other. I was mesmerized by what makes us sick and how this knowledge could be used to unravel the mystery of the origin of diseases and to create models of the complex human body system.

But for me, as a scientist, it wasn’t enough just to understand this complexity, I am driven to apply this knowledge to meaningfully respond to the problems we are facing as a species today. The global pandemic only increased my sense of urgency.

Throughout my research career, I’ve seen many findings that seemed very appealing and promising. Many findings with the potential to inform the creation of diagnostic tools for use in the clinical environment. However, I rarely got to see our research come to fruition outside the sciencific community. Back then, and even today, the translatability of science to medicine is fraught with obstacles and red tape. Lack of awareness from industry and the public sector is one of the many reasons good science remains inaccessible to the public.

This experience motivated me to expand my expertise and unify my engagement across several interdisciplinary domains as a group leader at the Spanish National Centre for Genomic Analysis. I wanted to surpass mere knowledge generation to make something that has a rewarding impact on patient’s lives, and this paradigm shift enabled me to put the disease context first and the patient at the center while harnessing the most sophisticated technologies.

I teamed up with friends and colleagues to co-found Omniscope to directly impact health care and to change the status quo of translational medicine forever. Omniscope leverages genetic and cellular data for a holistic patient understanding, without jeopardizing quality of care or incurring expensive costs. At the core, we generate a deep understanding of immune responses at the cellular level through innovative biotechnologies to read the immune code of diseases.

Together we built tools to simplify and accelerate disease diagnostics in the daily clinical context. We expedite the translation of science to real-life application and provide diverse stakeholders with an accessible, precise, cost-effective, and evidence-based tool for care coordination. The ease of use and simplicity of interpreting results will be a game changer for modern healthcare. With a focus on precision medicine and early disease detection, our tools are fast, anticipative, and universally applicable, detecting diseases prior to symptoms to allow interceptive medicine.

We identify the root-cause of diseases, enabling precise diagnoses and efficient and curative therapeutic intervention. Our disruptive tools will transform today’s “modern” medicine from treating symptomatic patients to avoiding symptomatic progression entirely.

The implications for personal wellbeing, public health, and even longevity are huge. With the launch of Omniscope, I feel a deep optimism for the future of genetics and healthcare around the world. I am fully committed to our mission to help all people live healthier by applying cutting-edge science as a force for good.

Omniscope. Science is we all.