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Omniscope – Invest in the future today

Lynnette Ang

June 5, 2021

The global biotechnology sector is booming at an unprecedented pace.

2020 was a stellar year for IPOs and biotech IPOs were a major driving force. A record number of 78 biotech firms went public in 2020 – an astounding 77% year-on-year increase from 2019.  The bellwether Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI) added 100 companies in 2020, a 150% increase from the 40 that were added in 2019 (1).

The biotech sector has been driven by a confluence of factors, including favorable government policies, the launch of new and advanced products, robust investment in the sector, and rising demand for synthetic biology (2).

As an investor, how do you identify the next BIG market leader in therapeutics, biologics, vaccines, personalised medicine, medical devices, reagents, or digital health?

Astute investors who embrace the principle of active investing know that to beat the benchmark, you must deviate from it”.

Successful investing not only requires you to understand why and what you are investing in. Often, it also requires you to think differently. Investors who are looking for a rewarding impact investment opportunity in the biotech space would do well to look at innovative, disruptive, and sustainable biotech companies outside of traditional market indices.

Say hello to Omniscope.

Omniscope’s revolutionary universal diagnostic tool allows us to read the immune system through simple, non-invasive clinical tests (like a blood test) which means that everyone, everywhere can benefit from this innovation in disease detection and diagnosis.

Reading your immune system using this universal diagnostic tool reveals, for example, the efficacy of the Covid vaccine you received, and how long it will work for. Omniscope’s universal diagnostics tool can be similarly applied across multiple areas such as clinical trials, pharmaceutical research, therapeutics, biologics, vaccines, personalised medicine, medical devices, reagents, and digital health.

A classic example of a universal diagnostic tool akin to Omiscope’s – one which has endured until today – is the X-Ray. This was invented in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Now, imagine if you had travelled back in time – would you have passed on that singular opportunity to invest in the X-Ray via Siemens (3)?

What Röntgen has done for the X-Ray, Omniscope seeks to do for your immune system. If you wouldn’t have passed up on that opportunity in 1895, don’t pass up on this one today.

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