See what
your immune system
is seeing

One universal diagnostic tool.

Our technology is a universal diagnostic tool that scans the immune system through simple, non-invasive clinical tests to broadly detect diseases at the earliest stages. We believe it will truly revolutionize today’s “modern” medicine to be more precise, personalized, and pragmatic, making our healthcare systems more resilient.

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Features + Benefits

Omniscope’s universal diagnostic promises to radically redesign how we detect, diagnose, treat, and monitor diseases. The results: early detection, unparallelled accuracy and precision for efficient diagnoses, targeted treatments, and minimally invasive monitoring that will dramatically redesign your patient experience and improve health outcomes.

High Definition
Accurate + Precise

AI-Powered, High Definition Analytics

Diagnostic precision, accuracy and efficiency to power early detection and targeted treatments.

Functionally Integrative

A holistic and personalized picture of overall health to empower patients with actionable information for targeted, early intervention.

Simple, Accessible, and Minimally Invasive

Minimizes patient discomfort and costs through simple clinical tests (i.e. small blood draws). Reduces barriers to treatment through portable, affordable, universally accessible technology.


Accessibility and affordability ensure equitable access to cutting-edge medicine, reducing health disparities and % of income spent on healthcare.

Healthcare for
everyone, everywhere

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 aims to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. We are still a long way from achieving this goal as so many in our global population can’t access the latest advances in medicine due to poverty, poor infrastructure, and other systemic barriers. It’s why Omniscope is motivated to meaningfully impact current health disparities globally through cutting-edge science.

Inspired by the way our immune system functions, we adopt a novel, ecosystemic approach that brings together academia, industry, public sector, regulatory agencies, investors, medical practitioners, and most importantly, patients themselves to collaborate for greater efficiency and collective social benefit. We believe that we can only achieve the goal of accessible healthcare for all by working together. Engaging every sector of our society. Putting science in service of humanity.

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