Omniscope T cell sequencing platform OS-T

Omniscope TCR profiling.

Up to 1 million T cells per sample.

Clonality analysis & clonal tracing at ultra deep resolution.

Alpha/Beta pairing.

Gain exclusive access to high definition adaptive immune system profiling with Omniscope T cell sequencing platform (OS-T).

T cell repertoires at unprecedented depth

T cell receptor (TCR) sequences for up to 1 Million T cells (OS-T 1.0).
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OS-T profiles up to 1 Million T cells from a single sample, characterising immune response with a sensitivity that allows changes in repertories to be detected early and at high-resolution for advanced translational and clinical research.

Alpha / Beta pairing

T cell receptor (TCR) α- and β-chain pairing.
Analysis of the paired TCR α- and β-chain rearrangements of single human T cells is required for a precise definition of clonal diversity and to determine functional specificity for translational medicine strategies, such as cell therapy.

Clonotyping & clonal expansion at cellular resolution

Clonal expansion in high definition (HD).
TCR Clonotype Similarity - Omniscope
Accurately quantifying expansion of T cells is key to understanding adaptive immunity to pathogens in cancer or autoimmune diseases. Our AI-enabled, standardized immune code readouts allow you to understand immune activity and, together with longitudinal sampling, provide live-tracking for rapid feedback in preclinical models and clinical trials.

Actionable data + support

Immune code reporting, interpretation and support.
Our comprehensive computational support in data analysis and interpretation strategies maximize biological and clinical insights. Our computational teams help to understand immune dynamics during immunotherapies and to assess therapeutic efficacy for a deeper knowledge of vaccine immunogenicity.

With Omniscope, understand the outcome of immunotherapies, assess therapeutic efficacy, get deeper insights on vaccine immunogenicity, and much more.

What question can the immune code answer for you?


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