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OS-T and OS-IP can be applied to a vast range of applications. Currently our scope covers vaccine development, immunotherapy and MRD.

Please contact us if you think of applying OS-T and OS-IP to your project, even if it's outside our current focus area.

“The hardest problems of pure and applied science can only be solved by the open collaboration of the worldwide scientific community.”

- Kenneth G. Wilson, Winner of 1982 Nobel Prize in Physics

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The AIRR community

Omniscope sponsored the AIRR Community meeting VI in 2022.

Watch our Scientific Co-Founder, Dr. Holger Heyn, describe our T cell sequencing platform. He highlights the advantages once you unlock 1 million T cells per sample.

By going through internally generated data sets, now available on OS-IP, Dr. Heyn demonstrates how increasing data input can uncover clonotypes of interest. Paired with computational analysis and longitudinal tracking, these insights have the potential to open doors to our understanding of the adaptive immune response in a plethora of settings.


Project background

This project, called SIGNATURE, is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Programme and the Horizon Europe programme, the European Union's R&D&I plan. This international network will train enterprising, innovative and resilient doctoral students, capable of facing current and future challenges and turning knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.

Project overview

Autoimmune disorders are highlyImmune-mediated disorders and highly heterogenenous entities for which the mechanisms of disease progression and therapeutic responses are only recently beginning to be understood. The patterns of transcriptome are the reflection of distinct cell types that are involved in the development of the disease process.

The project is based on a unique ongoing platform of clinical groups across Europe and specialists in cell and molecular profiling, imaging analyses, single cell sequencing and analysis. It will have the availability to existing clinical studies and clinical trials, as well as prospective studies of which new data will be produced.

Further a specialized training program will be developed where students will be able to visualize the overall work from design to analysis of the data, and will engage in the unique multi-disciplinariry of this platform.

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