Our collaborations

We thrive through our ecosystem.

We lead a collaborative ecosystem of positive change.

Our team is multidisciplinary and our approach highly collaborative. Our bright scientists and technologists are well-equipped and driven to find new ways of spreading the newest research discoveries out of the scientific community and into the world. We’re creating a framework to bring science into hospitals to help patients and transform healthcare.

Collaboration is core to all science and is the lifeforce of our company. The kind of problems we strive to solve are too complex for one to handle. Omniscope is a convergence of highly skilled people from many different disciplines, from scientific research and data analysis to disease diagnostics and clinical challenges. Diversity and inclusion are essential to purposeful collaboration and core to our business and our culture.

We lead a collaborative ecosystem of useful change for world positive impact. Here are a few of our current collaborations and partners.



Sequencing for a better life.

The Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, integrated with the Center for Genomic Regulation (CNAG-CRG),  is a non-profit organization funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Catalan Government through the Economy and Knowledge Department and the Health Department. The CNAG-CRG was created in 2009 with a vocation to execute genome analysis programmes. Expertise includes automated ultra-high-throughput nucleic acid sequencing, as well as data analysis and interpretation using a supercomputing environment.

The CNAG-CRG has two sequencing facilities, the CNAG Sequencing Unit with a large park of last-generation sequencing systems and the CRG Sequencing Unit specialized in custom sequencing applications as well as ChIP and small RNA sequencing. Both facilities position the CNAG-CRG as one of the top European centers in terms of sequencing capacity. The bioinformatics team together with an outstanding computing infrastructure (7.6 petabyte of data storage and 3472 cores of computing) places CNAG-CRG as a center of excellence in data analysis.

Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology

Leading translational research to accelerate & advance personalized and targeted therapies against cancer.

At Vall d´Hebron, translational science and clinical research are tightly connected to promote superb interaction and teamwork which, in turn, accelerates the bench-bedside-bed cycle of knowledge. This privileged environment affords VHIO direct access to patients as well as the entire spectrum of oncology professionals who care for them, and a second-to-none appreciation of how cancer science can translate into more powerful, targeted treatments and better practice for the care of patients.

VHIO's pioneering model and programs, coupled with its belief in combining strengths through cross-border collaborations, continue to spur advances in reversing cancer resistance, halting metastatic spread and more effectively treating even the most undruggable tumour types.

Catalan Institute of Oncology

Reducing the impact of cancer in Catalonia

The Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) is a public center, dedicated exclusively to cancer, which depends on the Department of Health of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Spain).

According to the Comprehensive Cancer Centers model, the ICO is a monograph, integrates primary and secondary prevention programs into the care services portfolio, implements translational research and develops specialized training programs.

It offers its services within the National Health System completely free of charge in an area of ​​influence of 2.5 million people (40% of the adult population of Catalonia). In the case of primary prevention campaigns, the area of ​​influence can be extended to the Catalan population as a whole (7.2 million people).

Saint Thomas Hospital

Building a more advanced hospital.

St Thomas Hospital is Malta’s newest and most vibrant hospital. As one of the largest multidisciplinary private hospitals in the Maltese Islands, They aim to deliver a different healthcare experience, based on excellence in medical care, comfort, safety and rapid medical services. They constantly strive to invest in cutting-edge medical technology and processes in order to attract leading doctors and surgeons from the NHS who are renowned in their field.

As a private institution they understand that their patients do not only perceive outstanding care as the product of technology and first class doctors; the patient experience during the delivery of care is equally important. Committed to treating their patients with the utmost respect, courtesy, kindness and professionalism while receiving treatment.



Saving lives through early, actionable, and personalized diagnoses.

MiRXES is a Singapore-headquartered biotechnology company whose mission is to save lives through early, actionable, and personalized diagnoses. MiRXES was spun off from A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute in 2014 to commercialize an industry-leading qPCR-based technology for microRNA detection.

Their versatile platform technology and capabilities have broad applications in the discovery of biomarkers and diagnosis of diseases. They started with early cancer detection, but will also address unmet clinical needs in cardiovascular, metabolic, and infectious diseases. Currently they are building a precision oncology portfolio to provide clinical insights for the complete patient journey. They have research, development, manufacturing, and clinical diagnostic operations in Singapore, USA, Japan, and China, and they have sales and distribution networks worldwide.

Vedra Partners

Investing with purpose.

Vedra Partners is a multi-family investment partnership created to meet the long term sustainable goals of its families while protecting their wealth.

Vedra believes that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices lead to better investment outcomes while considering the firm’s broader impacts on the environment and society. Vedra takes its responsibility seriously and continually monitors the broad consequences of every investment to ensure it is taking all of their stakeholders’ needs into account. By living these values, they create lasting impact for our families, teams, businesses and communities where we live and work.